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Drones aerial photography video + photography:

Drone technology: up to 5K ProRes for the perfect recordings


20 megapixel drone photography.

Classic photography up to 24 megapixels.


Bird's eye view - Through our professional experience we recognize the focus and the individuality of the pictures.


Our photographic eye uniquely highlights the perspective.


Architecture, industry, construction:

With professional drones, video recording and high-quality photography, your presentation for your company is just the right thing to properly enhance and highlight this. 

Inspection, assessment, clarification of industrial plants, wind turbines, solar plants, damage assessment


Aerial photographs (photos and or video recordings) can also take place during operation.

Großes modernes Haus mit Pool

Real estate, wellness, hotel complexes, golf courses:


Our goal is to put your property in the foreground.


We achieve unique results through our professional aerial photography in the outdoor and indoor area.


We present your objects in a breathtaking perspective in a magical film image.


Event / Events / Marketing / Film & TV:


We are happy to design events of all kinds for you.

With us you keep your companies -. Festival and wedding event in individual and expressive memories.


On request and also very popular with our customers, we create a compilation and a videography (film + music) for a cinematic memory


Cities, municipalities and authorities:


Attractions and your viewpoints

we stage the city or the community.

Inspection, assessment, object photography, clarification, damage assessment

Techniker bei der Arbeit


Air inspections / appraisals


With our drones we can provide you with precise and high quality video. and take photos. This saves you a lot of time and costs.


Stehende Besprechung

Team check up


Based on over 30 years of experience in construction and real estate, we offer the following additional services:

Inspect or appraise for trade, industry, cities, municipalities, private and much more of real estate, commercial real estate, facilities, urban and municipal facilities, construction projects, agriculture and forestry and much more.




Damage assessment, inventory.

Insurance damage such as storm damage, house fire, floods and much more can be documented with our drones in high quality with video and photo recordings.


Agriculture / forestry / agriculture


Inventory and assessment from the air.

Fawn Search before the start of harvest. Building assessment, cattle counting, cultivation monitoring, damage assessment, harvest time and much more


Hinter den Kulissen

Corporate Video


Would you like to present your company in a short film?

Then we are the right partner for you.

As a portrait or in several sequences. Everything is possible individually.


Videography / photography


Create individual videos or photos.

We film, cut and coordinate your concept in a team.



Let us know your requirements and we will find the right solution for you.

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